Value Added

Today’s industrial world demands continuous improvement. Maximize your resources, your bottom line and ultimately...value to your customer, with value-added products and services from JHF.

For any project, our Engineers are ready to help you.

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Custom Assemblies

We guarantee a plug-and-play, tested assembly that optimizes form, fit and function, streamlines your operations, and lowers your overhead.

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Custom Hydraulic Power Units & Systems

Your unique application requires precision-engineered, durable hydraulics – we provide just that.

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Hose Assembly & Kitting

When you’re in the market for hose, fittings or made-to-order assemblies, we’ll work with you to get you the right products, right on-time.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

If excess inventory is a significant cost for your business and wasting valuable space, our Vendor Managed Inventory team can help.

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Industrial Controls & Automation

Whether controlling a single system component or automating complex operations, we have the technology and the expertise to meet your unique needs.

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Design & Manufacturing

When out -of-the-box products don’t fit your needs, we’ll work with you to design and manufacture custom components or systems that will.

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